Quotes from the Book Jacket

“Filled with insights from two insiders who have had direct experience with countering terrorists, Find, Fix, Finish combines the drama of vital operations unfolding in real time with legal and moral perspectives necessary to understand how our world has changed forever. The book captures the evolution of counterterrorism operations since 9/11 like no other.”

–RICHARD A. CLARKE, former national coordinator for counterterrorism and author of Against All Enemies and Defeating the Jihadists

“This book magnificently captures the very essence of the toughest policy, legal, and moral questions our national faced in fighting terrorists for the last decade. And the authors’ overall conclusion is important for all Americans to understand: We can defeat terrorists without sacrificing the ideals that make this nation great.”



Find, Fix, Finish is a compelling insider account of how a revolution in intelligence collection and cooperation, combined with the explosive growth of drone technology and special forces, has brought the united states to the verge of victory over al-Qaeda. This important book also engages the moral, legal, and political dilemmas of this new American approach to war.”

–JACK GOLDSMITH, Henry L. Shattuck Professor at Harvard Law School, author of The Terror Presidency


“You would be wrong to believe that this is just another book on the “war on terror.” Find, Fix, Finish is a captivating narrative providing valuable lessons about the CONTENT of that war from the beginning of U.S. counterterrorism efforts, through 9/11, to a decade of mistakes made, lessons learned, and an unknown future. The authors combine special operations with bureaucratic wrangling—a mix of think tank memo with a Tom Clancy feel—reminding us how far we have come and how much more we still need to learn.”

—JULIETTE KAYYEM, assistant secretary for intergovernmental programs, Department of Homeland Security


“Just when you thought there was little new left to be said about the decade-long U.S. war against al-Qaeda, two former intelligence analysts have come up with a crisp account full of little-noticed details, fresh insights, and an illuminating theoretical framework. Find, Fix, Finish is an important volume in the secret history of a nasty war that has left al-Qaeda reeling while testing the boundaries of American values.”

–KEN DILANIAN, national security correspondent, Los Angeles Times


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